Hello, Kia Ora and Welcome, my name is Darleen Tracey Ann Shapleski. Living in Auckland, New Zealand, 38 years young. My nationality is Maori, New Zealand English. Almost 20 years that Davey and I married one another. Davey’s ethnicity is Niue, New Zealand English. Dave’s mother married a gentleman named Wayne Shapleski, whose family had traveled to New Zealand from Poland. This is where our surname comes from. Dave and I have six children, we both grew up inside of Auckland and found one-another in college.

The Eight Of Us


Our children’s ages are Christopher 21, Casey 20, Calvin 18, Asiana 15, Andrea 14, & Emmanuel 3 (4 boys/2 girls) as of 9th February 2018. My baby boy we adopted at birth through the family. Davey is the eldest of 8 siblings while I am the third of 9 siblings. My story consists of love, laughter, many many learning curves, hard work, relationships of friendship, family and as much joy as you can handle.


When It’s Time To Work



I am enjoying the career path that I have chosen as a Professional Internet & Network Marketing Coach, however, I am currently employed part-time as a cleaner for Westferry Property Services Ltd NZ while actively pursuing, learning and implementing the necessary daily tasks to further my position in the internet marketing and network marketing professions. My goal is to actively build a wall of wealth around my family as well as educate others who seek a career to be part of the internet marketing and network marketing industry.


My Hobbies, Interests & Past-Times Include (But Not Limited To)


I enjoy swimming, reading, playfully singing and dancing with my children at very random times. We teach and learn from each other every single day! I also enjoy being sociable with family and friends whenever the occasion arises.


I Love My Large & Extended Family


Both my parents, William Harris & Julie nka Tita Paekau are still thriving as is the same for my mother-in-law Tuuta Taua Shapleski (more commonly known as Siola). We have no idea what Dave’s biological father is doing or where to find him. (Something we do not wish to bother with, a mutual decision of Dave & I)

Dave and I have a lot of nephews & nieces as our family continues to multiply though yet to become grandparents ourselves.


There is obviously a whole lot more I could mention as I do have a large family and no exception for my mother & father as well as my mother-in-law, who also has a number of siblings. No doubt I will get to everyone soon enough.


Thanks again for stopping by, I hope you are enjoying some great weather on your side of the world! Kia Ora!